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      Brand Management

      Banter?is geared?up to manage your brand online.

      Possibly the most important part of any digital marketing strategy is the management and support. Followed closely by reflective analytics of your channel, platform and/or software.
      When you purchase a new car, you have to take it for regular services to ensure everything is working perfectly.? The same applies for your digital presence. It needs to be looked after, cared for and lots of general maintenance is required. Now we aren’t saying you need to revamp your entire brand or website?every day, but subtle changes and edits to your website will not only improve your Google rankings, but will ensure your site is up to date, secure and relevant.
      SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and its exactly that, how to optimise your websites content to ensure Google and the other (slightly lesser) search engines can find your website if someone is searching for your unique services and skills. By analysing the data provided from Google Analytics, you can effectively make business decisions based on real data. No more “hearsay” or theoretical ideas!
      From this in depth view of your websites behaviors, Banter provides you with a reporting and analysis on a monthly basis allowing you to not only calculate your ROI, but have something to show the people in charge. With this knowledge, we can now change direction, alter our course to ensure that your digital landscape is working optimally and maximizing your online exposure.
      Meet your Business Objectives

      Word on the Street

      “Looking super smooth, professional
      and top class! Thanks Banter
      Sharon Poyner
      Owner & Operator
      Rubix Shuttles & Transfers
      “Thank you so much?for your speedy assistance?Banter
      Jani Bouwer
      Marketing Guru
      Majestic Digital
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